Paul Gandy


@night is a series that explores the hidden places that are unknowingly passed everyday. I’ve been traveling the same roads for nearly a decade and only for the past few years have I actually stopped to see what lies just beyond the roadsides. There are breathtaking scenes resting just a small hike away from our city lights.

I’m a night owl and the darkness brings a strange sense of comfort and, at the same time, uneasiness. It provides a curtain to hide behind. You can be close and yet not seen. During the day, these places give off a comforting feeling, but once the night approaches it all begins to change. Everything around comes to life. It’s as if you’re surrounded by one giant breathing organism. There is an odd feeling when standing in the darkness alone, waiting for your eyes to adjust and reacting to every little noise that your heightened senses detect. Your heart beats a little faster when you hear a rustle in the distance...

By photographing after the sunlight has faded, I’m able to transform these places into something surreal. The location becomes a stage and a canvas by which I paint with light. Each image then becomes a theatrical performance that is planned and performed until the final image is achieved.