It me.

Well, you’ve made it this far. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been learning and practicing photography for over 10 years now. Originally I went to The University of Mississippi for a computer science degree, but ended up with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in English. All throughout school I took photography classes but I never thought I’d end up being a photographer… I figured I’d be designing t-shirts or logos for the rest of my days. *I still do design work, so hit me up if you need something. =p

After school, I worked for a few magazines here and there doing design work and photographing everything from sports to fashion boutiques. This time gave me a chance to learn the ins and outs of photography and grow as a person from an introverted nerdy dude to an outgoing introverted nerdy dude. I still need my days of hiding from people, but who doesn’t? Anyway, to fast forward a bit, I took some time off from the grind of the creative life and went back to my Alma Matter to work for the Department of Art & Art History for a few years. During my time there, I met up with a super talented local photographer, Danny Klimetz, who was searching for some help in the wedding photography business. The next thing I know, I’m quitting my job with the university and pursuing photography full time.


• ArtFields • Lake City, SC, 2018, "Beginning"
• ArtFields • Lake City, SC, 2017, "Return"
• ArtFields • Lake City, SC, 2016, "What the Kudzu Hides"
• UM Department of Art & Art History Faculty Show • Southside Art Gallery, Oxford, MS, 2016.
• Solo show: “@Night”, Bry Art Gallery, University of Louisiana Monroe, 2016
Fifth Annual Exposure Award • Musée du Louvre, Paris, France, 2015. “Fend Off the Night” was displayed as part of a digital display at the Louvre celebrating The Exposure Award on July 13th, 2015.
New Faculty/Staff Exhibition, Gallery 130, Oxford, MS, 2015.
• ArtFields • Lake City, SC, 2015, "Fend Off the Night"


Local photographer Paul Gandy took us out to the woods and flashed lights off and on for roughly an hour. The resulting photograph, before it ever even left the camera, had an astonishing amount of detail and color for it to have been captured in the middle of the night.
— The Local Voice
Photographer Paul Gandy is constantly working on striking a balance between art and business. At the same time that his work is being published in magazines and newspapers around the South, Paul is working on overcoming his natural shyness and carefully investing in his business.

Paul earned his BFA in Graphic Design and Photography from the University of Mississippi in 2010 where he still works full time. His nights are spent as creative photographer experimenting to create imagery that seems surreal. Paul pushes the boundaries of photography without the help of software or heavy post-production techniques.

Read on for a look at how Paul stays true to his philosophy that as a creative, it’s important to evolve and try new things. As Paul says, you never know what might catch on if you don’t try it!
— Caitlin Horton